List of Services & fees

loan signing fees

Sellers - $200+

Purchase - $225+

Refinances - $225+

HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) - $175+

Reverse Mortgage - $350+

Loan Modifications - $150+

Loan Application - $125+

Cash Deals - $125 - $150

Commercial Properties - Please contact

If you are an Escrow Officer, Title Officer, Loan Officer or Real Estate Agent and you are interested in contracting my services, please send me an email at

DISCLAIMER: I am a Notary Public, not an attorney. I am not licensed to practice law which means I cannot offer legal advice (i.e., explain the contents of any documents) or accept fees for legal services. Legal questions should be directed to a licensed professional like an attorney; Real Estate loan documents/numeric figures should be directed to your lender, title or escrow officer as needed.

General notary work

$15 per signature (*not including additional fees)

Travel Permission for Minors

Medical Consents

Vehicle Release Form (for tow lot)

DMV Documentation

Trust Documentation

** Power of Attorneys (POA)

Grant Deed

Property Site Inspections



Safety Deposit Box Drilling Witness

EXOSTAR Certified for verifications - $80+

Any other documents requiring a notarized signature


**All POA notarizations will adhere to Cal. Prob. Code §4121

**It is HIGHLY recommended to consult with your attorney prior to making an appointment

**If it is determined by the notary upon arrival, that the POA notarization cannot commence, quoted travel fees will not be waived.

Please read "The Process" below regarding travel refunds.

*Travel & Convenience Fees (will be given prior to confirmed appointment)

California Notaries Cannot Perform Notarizations Online

The Process

Please Read for General Notary Work Services:

  • Call 323-285-1553 or text ONLY at 323-206-2486 or click the Contact tab.

  • Submit a brief synopsis on the type of document(s) you would like notarized.

  • You must have a valid government issued identification, such as driver's license, US Passport, or Military ID.

  • DO NOT sign the document(s) prior to our meeting.

  • After contact, you will be given the total fee, which includes the fee set by the State of California, convenience and travel fees.

  • The appointment will be scheduled at a time and place that is most convenient for you. It can be at your place of business, home, or a neutral public location such as a local café, restaurant or hotel lobby. Please adhere to COVID-19 policy on home page.

  • Notary & Convenience Fees are made at the time of the notarization via Cash, Credit Card, Cash App, Venmo or Zelle.

  • Travel Fee is to be made at prior to appointment via Cash App, Venmo or Zelle.

  • If for some rare and uncommon reason the notary cannot make the appointment, the travel fee will be fully refunded.